Love, love, love this. A full time job, part time job, and 4 kids?! I am in awe by the depth and clarity of your voice, amidst the chaos that I imagine is your life Alissa. So many parallels in our lives-- minus the multiple jobs, and the # of kids. I wish I had reached out when I was in London and the kids could have played together at Hyde park, on that boat thing with the sand while we scribbled notes and did some writing together. Next time.

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What a beautiful reminder of the value of friends in the communities we create.

Each paragraph was visually rich, but this was both lavish and memorable:

In sharing less of life with friends, there is room to share more. More of our landscapes, our weather, our stories, ourselves.

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You are a magician. This is so lovely, Thank you ❤️

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Damn, you're a good writer, great imagery and word choice... This gives me some inspiration to connect with my oldest friends in new ways.

Being a bunch of dudes and even worse, from Massachusetts, sharing bits of literature amongst my close homies isn't exactly encouraged. I do fear that as filter bubbles isolate us deeper into our own realities, there are less ops for shared experiences and interests. This maybe could be a strength if we encourage each other to talk about whatever podcast or book we're reading but as of now I think we all assume the other just doesn't care.

Anyway, great article, thanks for the inspiration to connect in deeper ways with my friends.

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This essay speaks to the deepest part of my core. As someone so connected to the words of others, this feels very alive in me. It made me think of my box of cards and letters; I’m a hoarder of words.

I feel so much fuller because of them. And yet, there is always always space for more.

Thank you for writing! This is immensely precious.

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You and your mean friends, you as of middling popularity, you looking over your friend’s shoulder—all of it amazes me and reminds me that we get to grow into the people we are and will be. Because you are the most wonderful friend, a friend I aspire to have even as I call you sister. Thank goodness for your words and your friends and the ones that made you.

I often falter when it comes to writing words for and about you not only because you are such a beautiful writer but because I know it will take the most beautiful writing I may ever do to get it right. The card above is not that, but one day soon you’ll hold more of my attempts in your hands.

To anticipate your words and then to read and hear them—what a blessing it all is. You’re not crying, I am.

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Writing early to send love on a grey morning from the porch looking at new plantings in the back garden from inside the fog of a bad cold with gratitude for your “love letter”.

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Alissa, so many profound and beautiful sentences. I loved “To trust someone with words you adore, words that infuriate you, words that change you, words that you think they need, is love.”

I often think that in my next life I want to come back as a “love letter”. Word and emotions expressed in writing. Your piece brought that to mind again for me. ❤️

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Your writing draws me in. I feel like I can settle in and enjoy a ride of expression where you continually shift the lens to look at things a little more interestingly like the lens of a camera as you zoom in and out of a landscape. Thank you for this gift to be able to share with a few friends that mean something in my life.

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